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Inkoo Ijolee Tv


The general objective of this You tube and page is is to create access to teach children

Free this is for all children in Addis and in region

Comprehensive distribution of content aimed from 4 to age14 makes Inkoo Ijoollee Youtube and page the perfect broadcasting for children.

Our past and present operations

  • Teaching a group of children mentally physically and intellectually.
  • Discussion about children with professionals

  • Songs

  • Teaching on their character

  • How to cook time

  • Physical Activity

  • Drawing Activity

  • Game

  • Dialogue on current issue.

  • Drama for character building

  • Printing story and colouring books

  • Show of talented kids

  • In our country Ethiopia children educational TV program was left for government Medias only for many years and private people are not involved in the business due to lack of infrastructure and other factors. But after few years back there are few private TV channels are coming to serve our people in a different social, Economic, Entertainment and religious programs to address need of childeren Among these, one of the Youtube channel established by Mrs Ebise Fasil wodajo former teacher (currently Inkoo ijolee programm producer) who is dedicated to contribute her knowledge and passion for the development and improvement of the social and economic evils within the local community has founded the project entitled Inkoo Ijoolee Tv.